Yuma County's #1 Driveline Repair Specialist!

We Make Custom Drivelines For Any Application

We are very experienced with diagnosis and repairs of all driveline related problems.
Our experienced technicians are well versed in diagnosis and repairs.

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  Straighten & Balancing
Got Wobble? It happens to the best of us! We'll get your shaft spinning like a top.

  Shorten & Lengthen
Size matters! We can stretch your shaft to get that perfect fit.

  Component Replacement
Joints jacked up? We have the parts to get your tired old shaft feeling like new.

  Custom & Performance
Aluminum, carbon fiber? We can build a custom shaft out of cat hair if you want.

  Limousine & Conversions
We build custom multi-piece driveshafts that will get your party rollin'.

  Off Road & Agricultural
We can beef up your shaft so it doesn't climb into your back seat.

Capabilities & Services

Repair and balance drive shafts, shorten and lengthen drive shafts.

Repair floating axle rear end spindles damaged by burned out bearings.

Repair and rebuild C-V drive axles.

Pinion angle adjustment.

Rebuild front and rear differentials, reseal front and rear ends.

Rebuilding of damaged spindles and rear end housings

Diagnose drive line vibrations and shudders.

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